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- 84% of US broadband consumers that have cut the cord are happy with their decision.
- 80% watch Internet free video and 78% watch pay-TV
This report examines how OTT viewing is impacting the balance of consumption between the video sources commonly available; including pay and free TV, DVD and Blu-ray discs, digital media, free and paid Internet streaming services and home videos. The report looks at the group of consumers that have cut the cord, assessing how happy they are with their decision and what they miss the most about pay-TV. Video enabled device preferences are also presented.
After reading the report you will know which video services consumers prefer, and how strong that preference is. You will also know the likelihood that a cord cutter will return to the pay-TV fold and how operators are best placed to woo them back. You will know which devices consumers prefer to use for their video viewing. There is a special section that focuses on behaviors of the millennnials (aka Gen Y.)
This report draws on a recent survey of 1000 U.S. broadband users.

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